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About Bridgepark Manor

Bridgepark Manor is owned and operated by a local community-based nonprofit organization called Bridgepark Manor Inc. Residents of Bridgepark Manor receive support services including two meals per day, weekly housekeeping, planned activities, spiritual care, and a personal security device - all as part of an overall strategy to support and enhance independent and healthy living.

Management Team

  • Portrait of Bonnie Begalke

    Bonnie Begalke

    Chief Executive Officer
    Ph. 204-326-3684 ext. 1
  • Portrait of Maria Toews

    Maria Toews

    Food Services Director
    Ph. 204-326-3684 ext. 3
  • Portrait of Greg Roman

    Greg Roman

    Ph. 204-326-3684 ext. 5
  • Portrait of John Wiebe

    John Wiebe

    Ph. 204-326-3684 ext. 2
  • Portrait of Jacqueline Enns

    Jacqueline Enns

    Activities Director
    Ph. 204-326-3684 ext. 4
  • Portrait of Ashley Wiebe

    Ashley Wiebe

    Housekeeping Manager
    Ph. 204-326-3684 ext. 8

Board of Directors

  • Douglas Hamm, Chair
  • Jenn Kulpa
  • Ben Funk
  • John Unger
  • Gary Penner
  • Bryan Peters
  • Beverly Dueck
  • Irene McDonald

Volunteer Opportunities

Bridgepark Manor is a community, non-profit organization that relies on volunteers in addition to our staff to help serve our residents.

If you are interested in volunteering to serve meals or entertain the tenants with music, please email us and we will get back to you promptly with more information.

Employment Opportunities

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